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Linda Aug has been a passionate supporter of the FACES Hayward program since it began in 2008. Until her retirement in 2017, Linda was as a mentor and role model for FACES students interning in the Medical/Surgical and Telemetry departments at St. Rose Hospital. Students who were lucky enough to work with Linda will never forget her cheerful energy, wise words of advice, and the inspiring story of her path to a nursing career. As the former Program Coordinator of FACES Hayward, I am especially grateful the time Linda spent with me to brainstorm program improvements, give me honest feedback, and encourage me when I needed it most. Working with Linda was one of highlights of my time at St. Rose Hospital. FACES for the Future is pleased to announce the Linda Aug Scholarship for Nursing in honor of Linda’s retirement. Thank you, Linda, for everything you have done for our FACES Health Scholars!

- Jasmine Nakagawa-Wong, Program Manager, FACES for the Future Coalition

Many nurses enter the nursing profession because they want to help others, take care of those in need, or bring a smile to those who are needing comfort during a difficult time.  

I was drawn to nursing from another angle. I loved nurses! My first experience with nurses were actually two of my mother’s friends. When they weren’t at home making dinner or chasing kids home to dinner - they were working in a doctors office and at the local hospital. At ten years old one was at my side when I needed stitches and another at my bedside when I had my tonsils out. As a ten-year-old little girl, these two nurses made me feel safe. Not only because they were my mother's friends but they were nurses!

Linda Aug giving a speech at a FACES Hayward program graduation.

At 31 years old I found myself surrounded by nurses once again.  A routine gallbladder surgery resulted in a ten-day hospital stay. It was a turning point in my life. The nurses told me to walk the halls as much as possible. I was an honor student in getting out of bed and ambulating while pushing my IV pole. Little did the nurses know my driving force behind being such a good patient was them! I wanted to watch them work, listen to them talk to their patients, hear them on the phone with the doctor, listen to their laughter and watch their close teamwork. By the time I was discharged from the hospital, I said to my husband “I want to become a nurse.”

I started college for the first time at age 32 with the support of my husband and three small children.  It took me 5 years to achieve my AA degree in Nursing. St. Rose Hospital was the hospital I chose for my preceptorship.  My choice again was driven by the nurses who worked there. Not only were they wonderful mentors and teachers- but more importantly it was clear they loved their profession and had a passion for working together. I was jumping for joy when I was offered a full-time job at St Rose Hospital.

FACES Hayward students posing with a St. Rose Hospital sign.

My nursing career at St Rose Hospital was a succession of opportunities where doors opened for me leading me towards more nurses. After 11 years as a bedside RN in the Medical/Surgical Department, I had an opportunity to work in the Education and Training Department where my main job was to train newly hired nurses and monitor on-going competencies. This position was my first clue that working with nurses was my calling. I thrived on mentoring the newly hired RN and watching them achieve a successful preceptorship. I was inspired by those nurses who were dedicated to their profession and stimulated by their need for ongoing education and training.   

Linda Aug (far right) and colleagues at a FACES Hayward program graduation.

More doors opened which led me back to the Medical/Surgical/Telemetry Department as a Nursing Supervisor for 8 years, which led to the manager position for the last 6 years of my career.  It was through these positions I had the pleasure and honor of being involved in the FACES for the Future program. I was able to welcome FACES students onto the hospital floors and give them an opportunity to explore the climate and culture of nursing in the hospital setting.   The program offered these young students an enormous and valuable opportunity to discover and explore healthcare as a career path.  

I have fond memories of having FACES students in my office sharing their hopes and dreams of entering the medical profession. Little did they know how much they fed my heart to continue to share the value in becoming a nurse.  

I am a nurse who loved nursing because of nurses. It is my complete honor to participate in the FACES for the Future scholarship program. Nurses helping Nurses. Just like my mother’s two friends.   

Linda Aug


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