In June 2018, twenty FACES for the Future students, each representing a FACES program from across the nation (California, Colorado and New Mexico), traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the third year of the Global Health Youth Summit (GHYS).

This extraordinary Summit was developed and implemented in partnership and collaboration with the Global Health Fellows Program-II (GHFP-II), a fellow project of the Public Health Institute. The GHYS was created with the intention to inspire FACES students to pursue careers in global health, thereby helping to build the next generation of diverse global health professionals.

GHYS students were exposed to three areas: Global Health careers through panels and mentorship with Global Health professionals and fellows. They learned leadership skills and how to advocate for themselves and others. Through a tour of the nation's Capitol, they gained a broader perspective on policy work and the importance of sharing their voices.

All students acquired a deeper understanding of global health and completed the program with a stronger desire to work in global health professions.

Here's your chance to experience the Global Health Youth Summit! Scroll our photo story below.


“Before coming to GHYS, I had no clue about the Global Health field. However, after learning about it through the presenters and mentors, I began to think about how I could see myself in global health. Now, I am pretty sure that after I finish medical school, I want to work with an organization like USAID to work overseas or even domestically.”

GHYS 2018 Participant
Speed Mentoring.
Presentation on Career Opportunities with USAID.

“GHYS made me feel optimistic. I’ve always been negative about everything and expecting the worst, but there were adults that made me feel more than capable and hopeful about the future.”

GHYS 2018 Participant
Discussion with Global Health Fellow on Importance of Water Quality.
Career Panel featuring Global Health Professionals.

“This reminded me every day that in college, I am going to be with new people. I have to communicate and make connections. It made me warm that I was able to do this coming from a low-income background. I learned that I have to push myself in everything so that I can complete my goals and my mom mother proud!

GHYS 2018 Participant
Students listening attentively during the Career Panel.
Speed Mentoring.

“With no question, this program was amazing. It catalyzed a lot of internal change and let students explore the global health field.”

GHYS 2018 Participant
Speed Mentoring.

“I learned that I am talented, smart, well-spoken, and that I want to be a public health worker in Albuquerque.”

GHYS 2018 Participant
Students meeting U.S. Representative, Barbara Lee on the Capitol steps.
Group photo with U.S. Representative, Barbara Lee.
Students waiting to enter Congress in Session.

“My key takeaway from this program is that even though I am a minority, I still have a voice and I should be active in my community and give my time, talents, or treasures.”

GHYS 2018 Participant
Students speaking with Global Health Professional about Food Justice.
Students experienced a protest right outside of the Capitol.
Students waiting to meet U.S. Representative, Barbara Lee.

“I have learned not just about global health, but about myself and my assets. I have achieved a higher level of self-value.”

GHYS 2018 Participant
Students walking around the Capitol.

“My key takeaway is to explore as much as possible and find something that I enjoy and that I can contribute to others as well.”

GHYS 2018 Participant
Students and the Tour Guide.
At the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

“’We need you’ has been said to me and I’m beginning to believe it.”

GHYS 2018 Participant
Touring Howard University.
Howard University student giving the group a tour of the campus.

“I learned that I possess so many qualities that professionals use in their global health careers.”

GHYS 2018 Participant
Students hearing from the Director of GHFP-II, Sharon Rudy.
Students posing on Lincoln Memorial's steps, towards the Washington Monument.
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

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