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FACES El Centro

The Imperial Valley FACES for the Future program (IVFF), sponsored through the Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program, is a program based upon the model of the distinguished FACES for the Future program originally created at Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland. This program is based upon the principles of the FACES model, and strives to provide services that address academic enrichment and career guidance, psychosocial support, and health careers exposure and training through clinical internships and job shadowing.

The goals of the project include:

  • To support and prepare "at risk" underrepresented minority youth for the demands of college and future careers in health care
  • To foster academic excellence through mentoring and other enrichment programs, and to optimize enrollment and retention into college and other post-secondary programs leading to a health career
  • To address the psychosocial issues of each individual student though comprehensive assessment, prevention, and intervention case management plans
  • To establish an extensive educational and professional network (pipeline) that will link all the FACES programs. 

The IVFF project serves a cohort of 30 "at risk" students each year from the end of the 10th grade through graduation from high school. The 30 students are recruited from the seven high schools within Imperial County. During the work experience component, students are exposed to a minimum of seven different departments within one of three partner facilities: Pioneers Memorial Hospital, El Centro Regional Medical Center, and Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo.

Through a statewide linkage to other FACES programs, IVFF participants are offered a network of educational, peer, community and medical partners who can provide continuous support of underrepresented minority students through their educational journey from high school through their professional training.

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