Every year, it gets harder and harder to say goodbye! FACES for the Future has come far from the very first cohort of FACES students to graduate in 2000 in Oakland, CA. This year, with our national expansion, approximately 180 FACES students are walking across that stage, not just from California, but also from Albuquerque, NM. We hope to include Denver, CO, and Detroit, MI to these numbers next year!

We would like to celebrate and congratulate our FACES Class of 2018 students for their completion of the program, as well as for the completion of their high school careers. We look forward to the many successes to come and look forward to you all changing the future face of health!

Enjoy this photostory, filled with highlights from this year's many graduations across all the FACES programs!

"Whenever your self-doubt monster takes over- whenever you encounter a challenge that seems insurmountable, take a second, take a breath, and think about what you have already accomplished...Those challenges have taught you resourcefulness, creativity, humility, and optimism."

- Jasmine Nakagawa-Wong, Program Manager at FACES for the Future Coalition, Keynote Speaker at FACES Hayward Graduation

FACES Hayward, Class of 2018 posing in style!
FACES students are joined by family, friends and supporters to celebrate their special day.
FACES South Alameda County students proudly showing their completion certificates.
Look at these FACES branded center pieces. Good taste!
FACES Sacramento students flaunting their dapper blue coats for graduation!
Paulina standing next to her poster showcasing her experience while in FACES. Great job, Paulina!
Presenting the very first class of students to graduate from FACES Albuquerque. Yay! Here they are, posing with their completion certificates and their program coordinator, Mia Mendoza.
FACES East Oakland students are ready for the next chapter! Here they are posing with their completion certificates
Family and friends are always welcomed to join in the celebration!
Wow, look at all of those students! FACES San Diego students pose for the camera in their white coats!
Belasario standing next to his Senior poster, which showcases his experience while in FACES!
Even the photo is glowing gold! FACES San Francisco students post with their completion certificate and smiling faces.
The more the merrier at FACES San Francisco's graduation celebration.