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“I learned so much of what I have missed in my life. And I have so much ahead for myself. [My supervisor] has inspired me to keep up my goals.”

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FACES Programs

FACES for the Future Coalition

Coalition Programs Introduction

Coalition Programs

At FACES for the Future there are four key programmatic strategies we utilize to ensure successful outcomes. Under the FACES umbrella, each FACES program and FACES coalition member implements these strategies regardless of student demographics, type of program or individual model.    

Working together these four key elements provide a unifying framework for our coalition’s programs.

Every FACES program includes:

1. Health Careers Exploration

At FACES we believe youth need to imagine pathways to success and be given the opportunity to envision themselves in a productive career in the health professions. Likewise, their exposure to these careers and our assistance in realizing those goals helps ensure the diversified health workforce needed to meet the needs of our complex society. Primarily, we accomplish this by connecting students to health professionals who serve as supervisors and mentors in real clinical rotations. We expose them to professional expectations, field trips to training environments up the pipeline and connect them to alumni who have led the way.

2. Academic Enrichment

The FACES for the Future Coalition knows that students cannot enter the health professions until they are academically prepared. While California’s public education system remains consistently underfunded, FACES seeks to fill in some of the academic gaps through tutoring, working in close conjunction with teachers and school leaders, providing SAT support and counseling to begin the college admissions process. 

We also offer enrichment activities – field trips to focus on cultural competency, ROP based learning and skills workshops, an open forum for dialogue about issues ranging from ethics to analyzing case studies. Positioning itself squarely in the education reform movement, FACES commits to providing academic support to all of its students, regardless of prior performance.   

3. Wellness Support

Our focus on the well-being of the whole child is what sets FACES apart from most pipeline and summer academy programs. We know through experience that youth cannot fully realize their goals without support in navigating the challenges which influence them. Therefore we specialize in psycho-social interventions when needed, referrals to outside services and partners when appropriate, programs that teach a myriad of life skills and a safe, supportive environment populated with adult role models who embody the core values of the program. 

4. Youth Leadership Development

We are preparing the young people of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. That is why FACES devotes itself to training young people to be advocates, culturally competent members of society and strong voices for the underserved. We meet this goal through many venues such as enrichment activities designed to highlight policy issues, exposure to diverse patient populations, tools to help them learn oral and written communication and by training them to be peer health educators in areas such as asthma, obesity and HIV/AIDS.    

Working together, each element of a FACES program creates a sound, effective and transformative experience for each student. 

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