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“I love my rotation. I saw surgeries that I won’t be able to forget my whole life. I want to become a surgeon more and more and more now. I know that I am on the right track toward reaching my goal after this rotation.”

“After seeing the different clinical lab departments, I realized what a fun career it can be. I know I’m interested in it because I was actually able to do some of the things that clinical lab scientists do on a daily basis … I love to work with tools and equipment to solve problems and situations. I think it’s meant to be!”

“It’s like I was born to be in the medical field. My goals are to become a nurse. I find everything that nurses do to be really interesting. It makes me wish to be in their shoes. My current internship [Acute Care Department] made me realize I am not making a mistake. This is really what I want.”

“Now that I finished my rotation in Primary Care, I am considering an occupation there. Right now it is between a Clinical Lab Scientist and a Pediatrician. The Primary Care rotation helped me make my decision. All of the things I learned there were very interesting.”

“…one of my supervisors really made me realize that you can get ahead and that it [just] takes you wanting it. It was awesome!”

“My career goals for wanting to become a pediatrician haven’t changed. I’ve become more motivated in each rotation I do!”

(FACES Health Scholars Academy Students)





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