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FACES for the Future Introduction

FACES for the Future Students

The FACES for the Future Coalition is a collaborative of statewide programs, all based upon the FACES model, working to address health equity for all communities through the training and empowerment of young people. FACES for the Future is a comprehensive approach to student learning and well-being. A pipeline education program focused on transitioning youth into the health professions, our programs create tomorrow's health leaders by offering health career exploration, academic support, psycho-social intervention and youth leadership development. Our Coalition works together to refine best practices, exchange resources, and provide a foundation for shared opportunities for the youth we serve in all our locations.

A core area of our work focuses on underserved youth: those most at risk in our society because of the severe challenges they face on a daily basis. The realities for many of our students include high mortality rates, unemployment, violence, health disparities, lack of access to healthy food and recreation space, gaps in academic achievement, and so on. We position our efforts on behalf of these underserved youth in direct adolescent healthcare services, health workforce development, public health and education reform.

However, as FACES grew and evolved, it became apparent that all youth interested in the health professions needed to be aware of health disparities and the impacts of culture, introduced to the health professions in ways that were exciting and dynamic, and given the tools necessary to develop their own skills as caring clinical providers. It was in response to that need that the FACES Health Professions Academies were born.

Overall, the goal of FACES is twofold: 1) to transform the lives of young people by supporting them toward successful careers in the health professions; and 2) changing the health outcomes in underserved communities by diversifying the health workforce through the presence of FACES students in those careers.

Our most immediate impact is the individual student – our broader context is the community. 

Every time a FACES student is alive, well and moving productively toward their future as a caring and culturally competent health provider, FACES changes the landscape of health for all of California’s citizens.