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“…one of my supervisors really made me realize that you can get ahead and that it [just] takes you wanting it. It was awesome!”

(FACES Health Scholars Academy Student)




FACES for the Future Coalition

Coalition Mission

Coalition Mission

Mission Statement 
We inspire youth to lead by creating innovative approaches to youth development, health careers preparation, and wellness. Through their transformation, we change the face of health.

Our Guiding Values Include.... 
Creativity, Accountability, Belief in Youth, Community, Authenticity, Respect, Wellness, Service 

Our Work Focuses On….

  • Building professional capacity for underserved youth
  • Building awareness of health equity among all youth
  • Sharing with and learning from a broad base of partners
  • Creating evidence-based best practices

FACES for the Future was founded on the belief that youth are a source of profound assets and strength, and that diversity among healthcare professionals can contribute to improved healthcare practice and outcomes. 

FACES for the Future continues to be widely considered as a best-practice model for healthcare workforce development for youth, particularly those who are considered “at-risk.”  

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