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FACES for the Future Coalition

Coalition History

FACES for the Future Headquarters

Founded in Oakland, California in 2000, the FACES for the Future program was conceived as a direct response to two significant problems facing underserved communities: 

  • A lack of support and opportunity for at-risk youth seeking options to improve their lives through education, career training and healthy choices
  • A lack of diversity in the health professions that directly contributes to worsening health disparities in underserved communities

FACES for the Future addresses these goals by connecting schools, health professionals and community benefit organizations. Jointly they provide a cohesive system of support for youth that includes internships in hospitals and community clinics, academic support, wellness training and psychosocial intervention when needed, and youth leadership development.  

The FACES program demonstrated positive impact and successful outcomes during its twelve year history at Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland by using best practices in adolescent medicine and innovative pedagogy. Given its recognized success, FACES for the Future programs were established in other regions of California. To date, more than 500 students have been served by FACES programs statewide since the program’s inception.

In 2011, Co-Founder and Director, Tomás Magaña, MD moved the FACES for the Future Coalition to the Public Health Institute where staff provide capacity building support to current programs, refine the FACES program model, and engage in strategic replication throughout the state of California.

Additionally, in partnership with Samuel Merritt University, the FACES for the Future Coalition oversees the FACES Summer Medical Academy. This academy is a two-week intensive program that exposes high school age youth to state of the art training in medicine and health careers. 

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